A large regional bank needed to increase the efficiency of its trading and money market department in order to grow its customer base without increasing trading and operational headcount. The goal was to provide its bond, money market and mutual fund customers with a user friendly method of trading via the web, without always involving the trading staff. The bank contracted with InvestSoft Technology to employ its transaction processing engine whereby we developed a web based, secure trading platform for corporate and mutual fund customers. The application implemented flexible rules based policies to determine when a trader was needed and when a customer should negotiate with a trader. InvestSoft Technology implemented the system including interfaces to the banks accounting, demand deposit and mutual fund systems within budget and ahead of a hard deadline. Upon initiation, the system exceeded its efficiency goals and allowed the bank to increase its customer base without expanding personnel and operational costs. InvestSoft was informed that this project was held up a model for future systems projects at the bank.

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An accounting system vendor was in serious talks with a large mutual fund looking to purchase its accounting system. After a review of the vendor system, it was found to be lacking in fixed-income processing and accounting, especially in the coverage of “complex” fixed-income issues.

The vendor, in order to improve its chances of winning the client's business, chose to integrate InvestSoft Technology's Investment Accounting module  within its system. Doing so ensured worldwide coverage of fixed-income issues and benchmarked accuracy of calculations.

As a result of the expanded security type coverage from InvestSoft's Investment Accounting module, and Investsoft's speed of implementation, the vendor was chosen by the client. The client later engaged InvestSoft Technology to assist in the support of its trading operation and to consult on fixed-income concerns.

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A large global brokerage firm needed a real-time fixed-income analytics system to integrate within their trading environment. The application had to communicate with electronic exchanges in real-time but, critically, had to be fully operational within 3 months of project initiation. Furthermore, the solution had to support fixed-income issues globally.

Among the reasons the firm selected InvestSoft Technology's Fixed Income and Derivatives Analytics module were its off the shelf security coverage, speed of computation over demanding volumes and accuracy, but the primary reason was our proven ability to implement in short time frames under intense pressure.

Leveraging our domain knowledge and specific expertise, we beat the target date by implementing the fixed income analytics application into production within two months.

After their success implementing InvestSoft's Fixed Income and Derivatives Analytics module, the firm then immediately initiated another project which had a similar deadline. This solution leveraged our proprietary Enterprise Database Design and our in-house IBOR transaction processing engine to maintain all its positions - equity, fixed-income and derivatives - in real-time on traders' blotters and status screens.

Using our off the shelf plug-and-play components, and leveraging our domain knowledge, we were able to build custom solutions designed to meet the specific needs of a large global brokerage firm.

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