Corporate Actions Manager

Manage your corporate actions independently and ensure accurate cash and security positions using our automated corporate actions module with built-in pre-approval and processing workflows.

The corporate action solution allows the entry of corporate actions affecting equity, fixed income, and derivative securities, and automatic processing of the corporate actions to update the security and cash positions of the account(s) holding the security.

The solution saves significant operational effort by automatically generating upcoming corporate actions affecting fixed-income and other securities (e.g. Coupon Payments, Maturities, Calls, Puts, Sinks, Futures Expiration, etc.) for user review before processing.

Available as a standalone system or as a fully integrated solution with InvestSoft's other modules.

Complete Security Coverage
Virtually all corporate action types on equities, fixed income or derivative securities are covered.

Complete integration with other InvestSoft modules
Corporate Actions Manager is completely integrated within InvestSoft's portfolio management platform but can also be used with other vendor or custom built applications.

Automated review reduces operational risk
By generating automated alerts prior to known coupon payments, maturity dates and other events affecting security and cash portfolio positions, our solution significantly reduces operational risk and reconciliation efforts.

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