InvestSoft Technology has provided expert consulting and custom application development services for over 25 years. We bring together experienced industry professionals, technical knowhow and software components to improve business processing and deliver mission critical solutions. We offer a full range of services including business requirements, system analysis & design, development and system integration.

Our staff of highly experienced industry experts allows you to benefit from our unique experience providing solutions to major investment firms worldwide. We have a proven track record having been responsible for architecting and developing mission critical systems at many prominent national and international investment firms. Unlike many other consulting firms, we deliver practical results not just reports.

Examples of Professional Services past projects:

  • Partnered with a NYC investment firm to specify a fixed-income risk system for reporting to the Chairman and Board
  • Consulted for accounting vendor on a Freddie Mac project to implement structured sales processing into their system. InvestSoft wrote the functional specs, design and programmed SQL to implement the database logic for structured sales
  • Implemented Fixed Income and Derivatives analytics module and IBOR engine into in-house trade order management system of Swiss-based sell-side firm. Consulted for over five years building their trade order management system.
  • Developed an investment database for accounting and trading for Boston-based buy-side firm. Also consulted to provide recommendations on the improvements needed to their securities accounting system.
  • Implemented Investment Accounting module into fund accounting system at large California-based buy-side firm. Also consulted on their database design and on mapping to Bloomberg’s back office data feed.
  • Developed Option Adjusted Spread model for fixed-income issues for risk management vendor. Implemented Fixed Income and Derivatives module at several Investment manager clients of the firm.
  • Implemented Investment Accounting module ¬†at large fixed income manager and designed monthly appraisal reporting system and internal fixed-income reporting system using our proprietary Enterprise database design.

Over 25 Years of Proven Success

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