IBOR (Investment Book Of Record)

Process and report real-time trade, tax-lot data and portfolio position anytime, anywhere with InvestSoft's secure cloud- or local-based IBOR transaction and position manager.

The IBOR solution offers real-time trade, tax-lot and position management. InvestSoft's IBOR solution processes transactions and maintains portfolio cash and security positions. It serves as a self-contained and integral component in a securities trading, risk management, portfolio management or an accounting/performance system.

The Investment Book Of Record is the engine of the portfolio management system. It maintains transaction, position, tax-lot and cash (in any currency) on both a trade and settle date basis and on a lot- or average-cost basis. It uses our innovative and powerful lot processing capability and specially designed database.

InvestSoft's IBOR is extendible and allows the flexibility to tailor the processing at various steps and to link to one or several internal trading systems and/or accounting systems in a variety of ways. It can be configured to easily update any in-house trading, accounting or research system.

Available as a standalone system or as a fully integrated solution with InvestSoft's other modules.

• Access anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based secure service oriented solution.

• Any transaction can be handled: buys, sells, shorts, covers, open and closes of futures and options, free receipts and delivers, stock splits, dividends, interest payments, maturities, paydowns, exercises, etc. Users can create their own transaction types without any programming using the transaction rule table.

• Complete and automatic correction logic to handle canceled transactions or as-of transactions at any point in time.

• All securities handled including equities, fixed income, derivatives and currencies.

• Multi-currency design throughout allows securities to be denominated in any currency with payment in any currency and reporting in any currency.

• Corporate action processing for stock splits, dividends, cash dividends, interest payments, maturities, mortgage and pass-thru paydowns, etc...

• Lot processing that allows for sell selection based on FIFO (first in - first out), LIFO (last in - first out), average cost, maximum gain or maximum loss, or any custom logic desired.

• Ultra-fast real-time processing.

• Ability to directly interface with and supplement any trading, accounting, portfolio management and reporting system.

• Cost basis accounting provides immediate gain or loss calculations.

• Ultra-fast reporting for positions at any point in the past. There is no decrease in response time for historical queries regardless of how far in the past.

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